College Green Captains

In March 2013, the Education Committee of the BGA launched the BGA College Green Captain program, building on the successful Broadway Green Captain program.


On Broadway, volunteer Green Captains on nearly every show work behind the scenes to improve the environmental performance of their productions, with support from the BGA and other Broadway Green Captains.

Similarly, the BGA College Green Captain program provides resources for greening collegiate theatre productions, as well as a link to the Broadway community and other colleges enhancing the environmental profile of their productions.

How it Works

At each college, there are three key Green Captain roles:

1. A Faculty or Staff Green Captain, who serves for multiple years and works with student Green Captains,
2. A lead student Green Captain, who works across productions, who may serve on a yearly or term basis,
3. Other student Green Captain(s) for each production.

Each Green Captain will receive a “kit” complete with a list of more environmentally friendly practices that can be put into place immediately, most of which are used now on Broadway. Green Captains are able to “ask the BGA” theatre professionals for advice on topics ranging from greener lighting to use of rechargeable batteries to set recycling and reuse options. In addition, Green Captains are able to share green ideas with Broadway Green Captains, other college Green Captains, and our off-Broadway and regional members using FacebookTwitter and the BGA website. Keep us updated on social media, or send us your photos and videos for a chance to be featured on the BGA website.

Sign Up Now!

Participating in the BGA College Green Captain program is easy, and free. To participate:

1. Join the BGA.
2. Request our program kit, with resources to get started on your own Green Captain initiative and advice on greening your productions.
3. Track your progress and report back to the BGA and the Green Captain community about your accomplishments. When you do, we will add you to our list of participating institutions.

For more information, please contact the BGA at

Click here to enter to win the BGA College Green Captain Prize for Achievement in Greener Theatre!


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