How to Use the BGA Greener Lighting Guide

How The BGA Greener Lighting Guide Is Organized

The BGA Greener Lighting Guide is intended to make it easy for lighting and non-lighting people to assess greener alternatives. The Greener Lighting Guide begins by breaking instruments into categories, and provides a list of greener instruments in each category. The categories are:

  • Profile Spot Light

  • Fixed Beam Wash Light

  • Automated Moving Spot Light

  • Strip Lights

For each instrument in a category, the Greener Lighting Guide will contain three types of information provided by the manufacturer:

 1. A narrative description identifying the product (and the less green common instrument), comparing the two products’

  • A. Performance
  • B. Cost
  • C. Environmental Characteristics

2. Quantified Performance Metrics

 3. Links to reviews and comments

By simply clicking on a subcategory like Profile Spot Light you’ll find a list of greener alternatives with short descriptions of each. If that’s as far as you’d like to go, then armed with this list, you can call your local dealer and set up demonstrations, etc.

If you’re a lighting professional, a resident designer or just interested in more information, you can click on any of the listed instruments and take a deep dive into the important performance metrics of that instrument.

For a Glossary of the terms used in our performance metrics click here.

To get started using the guide, click here.