Date:Nov 01, 2012

This committee works on expanding and enriching our alliances with other organizations.  One of its goals is to manage BGA representation at special industry events like the Tony Awards and Kids’ Night on Broadway. This Committee has already helped the Tony Awards become greener by using a recycled “green” carpet and hybrid limousines for nominees and presenters. The Outreach Committee has produced several videos about the BGA, many of which include appearances by our celebrity members. In addition, they have made international contacts in London, Canada and Australia, leading to the formation of the International Green Theatre Alliance.  BGA resources are now available through our website, mobile site, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter, and through our quarterly newsletter, the Green Sheet.

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Better Practices


  • Communicate about your greening actions; Greening actions are contagious.
  • Actions are unpredictable — individuals inspired to act often find powerful expressions in their own lives and businesses. Audiences care about greening efforts.
  • If using eco-friendly paper products in bathrooms, let people know. If not, consider switching to them or air dryers. Remind people to use only what they need.
  • If you have eco-friendly merchandise or concession options, help guide and encourage people to those choices.
  • If you’re separating recyclables in your theatre, make those signs clear and noticeable.
  • Display your BGA membership where patrons can see it and learn more.
  • Communicate about greening actions in multiple ways:
    • Include in Playbills or other programs.
    • Post signs in lobbies, restrooms and other areas.
    • Mention in electronic and other marketing communications and, when possible, announce from the stage.
  • Communicate about what audience members can do at home and at work.
  • Communicate with your audience via email, reducing the need for paper and mailing.
  • Print flyers, inserts, and other paper products on recycled paper and/or FSC certified paper – include information on the type of paper used, such as “Printed on 30% recycled paper.”
  • Use mobile campaigns in theatre to help capture names and reduce paper use.
  • Put an environmentally-aware signature line on your emails, such as “Please consider the environment before printing this e-mail”.
  • Create green promotions like discount tickets for carpooling or people cycling to the theatre. Encourage the use of public transit or biking/walking.
  • Create dialogues about the issue between casts and audiences.


  • Buy 100% post-consumer recycled paper for your office.
  • Utilize vendors who are committed to green practices.
  • Speak to your printers about using eco-friendly inks and paper.
  • Mandate double-sided printing and explore paperless options.
  • Replace program inserts with signage or announcements when possible – otherwise, use best efforts to combine multiple inserts into single inserts.
  • Choose organic & eco-friendly alternatives when selecting merchandise for promotional purposes.
  • Look into eco-friendly alternatives to plastic for CD covers & inserts.
  • Buy office supplies and equipment locally.
  • Buy in bulk to reduce shipping pollution and packaging waste.
  • Reuse shipping boxes whenever possible.
  • Consider electrics or hybrids when using a car service for celebrities or press events.
  • Maintain facilities for the storage of signage for re-use.
  • Consider PowerPoint presentations and emailed charts/figures instead of multiple lengthy handouts at marketing meetings.


  • Create an internal Green Team to develop green initiatives and goals.
  • Establish a green policy for the office.


NRDC Greening Advisor

NRDC Greening Advisor | http://bit.ly/Wfkkwn
The NRDC Greening Advisor is a guide that can help any commercial business or organization to reduce its environmental impacts.



Environmental Achievements of the 66th Annual Tony Awards 
London Green Theatre is Taking Action on Climate Change
London Green Theatre: Taking Action on Climate Change | http://bit.ly/Y2IcDT
The Green Theatre Programme for London is the Mayor’s response to the overwhelming concern of the theatre sector to reduce any negative impact on the environment. This plan is for anyone working in London’s theatre industries. If all actions recommended in this plan are taken, London theatres can reduce their CO2 emissions by almost 60 per cent by 2025.
Printable Recycling Sign: Cans
Printable Recycling Sign: Paper