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Date:Nov 07, 2012

This committee is headed by Bob Usdin (LEED-accredited) of Showman Fabricators and set designer Donyale Werle.  This committee promotes sustainable design choices and building practices from inception through strike.  Since 2009, this committee has supported the recycling of as much as 88% of materials used sets on Broadway, has led workshops on sustainable design choices, and established a pilot program for recycling gels from Broadway shows to regional and off-Broadway theatres.

The committee addresses the concerns of set, lighting, costume, projection and sound designers, as well as technical directors, artisans, technicians, and shop managers.  Both Bob Usdin and Donyale Werle speak publicly and teach classes on sustainable design choices/practices in theatre. We are very proud to note that Donyale received a 2012 Tony® Award for Outstanding Set Design for her wonderful recycled and up-cycled set for PETER AND THE STARCATCHER.

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Better Practices


  • Design for the environment by designing scenery that reduces the amount of material used in its construction.
  • Design with LED lighting (or another energy efficient alternative) when possible.
  • Reuse sets or costumes from previous productions when designing a new show.
  • Encourage scenic, costume and prop shops to use recycled materials.
  • Utilize vendors who provide recycled materials and reduce their own company’s emission of greenhouse gases.
  • Utilize local vendors as opposed to having products shipped across the country or from overseas.
  • Implement green practices in your office
  • Ensure that any waste produced is sent to a local recycling facility.


  • Establish a greening policy and implement green practices for your shop, including the office.
  • Put someone in your operation in charge of green procedures as a resource for all your employees and clients.
  • Utilize recycled and reusable materials when possible.
  • Utilize a local waste management company that is committed to recycling.
  • Adopt construction methods that reduce the amount of material used.
  • Use non-toxic, biodegradable materials in the construction and maintenance of costumes and sets.
  • Use local vendors who use green practices in their product development and deployment.
  • Develop special effects (e.g., fog, fire) with environmentally responsible materials.
  • Utilize LED lighting when possible.
  • Use rechargeable batteries in battery-operated devices and recycle any non-rechargeable batteries.
  • Offer designers ways to re-purpose sets and costumes from previous productions.
  • Partner with local material donation organizations to facilitate the re-use of sets, costumes and props.
  • Maintain facilities for the storage of sets, costumes and props for re-use.
  • Encourage producers and general managers to recycle sets and costumes upon the closing of a show.


Augliera Trucking
Augliera Trucking, Inc. | Rob Augliera | 203-937-9080 | |
Augliera provides ‘trash trucks’ for post-production load-outs.  Materials are partially re-purposed, recycled, or land-filled.  Reports are issued after trailers are unloaded, showing how items were disposed.
Build It Green
Build It Green | 718-777-0132 | Justin Green |  |
BIG collects useable construction materials and resells to the public at greatly reduced pricing. They take clean construction materials, doors, windows, hardware, fixtures, cabinets, flats and platforms, etc. They have limited trucking. They take deliveries at their Astoria warehouse, but large deliveries need to be cleared. Provides tax-deduction for all contributions.
Filco Carting
Filco Carting | 718-456-5000 | John Okun | |
Filco is affiliated with Meserole Recycling and provides recycling services for Theater Biz Recycling. They provide recycling services and roll-off dumpsters as well as larger tractor trailers. On request, they can supply LEED reporting.
Film Biz Recycling
Film Biz Recycling | Eva Radke | | 718-392-3304  |
Having recently moved to Gowanus, FBR has a large warehouse to store items but does not come and pick them up. Materials are partially re-purposed, recycled, or rented or sold for re-use. FBR works closely with Meserole Recycling, Materials for the Arts, and NYC Wastematch to achieve highest level of re-use and re-purposing with local NYC arts organizations and schools.
Julie’s Bicycle Sustainable Production Guide
Julie’s Bicycle Sustainable Production Guide |
This guide contains the most up-to-date and comprehensive guidance to help you embed good environmental sustainability practice at the heart of your production. We’ve condensed what we have learnt into a series of checklists, for each role in the production process, separated into pre-production, production, and post-production.
Materials for the Arts
Materials for the Arts | 718-729-3001 | |
MFTA collects donations of usable items that are given to NYC not-for-profit arts organizations and schools. On-site warehouse space is limited, but they will list larger items on a list-serve for direct donation. MFTA is best option for props, furniture, electronics, soft goods and fabrics. They have limited trucking. Best to  drop-off at their LIC warehouse. Provides tax-deduction for all contributions.
NRDC Greening Advisor
NRDC Greening Advisor |
The NRDC Greening Advisor is a guide that can help any commercial business or organization to reduce its environmental impacts.
NYC WasteMatch
NYC WasteMatch | 212-650-5832 | Mary Ellen McCarry | |
NYC WasteMatch locates users interested in re-use of items. Best results are dependent on some lead time on what items are available, description of items and pictures if possible. They have successfully located homes for substantial portions of sets and works closely with Theater Biz Recycling. Trucking needs to be arranged separately.
Rebuilders Source
Rebuilders Source | 718-742-1111 | |
RS collects useable construction materials and resells to the public at greatly reduced pricing. They are an excellent option for clean construction materials, doors, windows, hardware, fixtures, cabinets, etc. They have a larger facility than BIG so have a larger capacity to take certain items. There is limited trucking so it is best to deliver to Bronx warehouse. Larger deliveries need to be cleared for space. Provides tax-deduction for all contributions.
Royal Waste Services
Royal Waste Services | 718-468-8679 | Michael Reali | |
RWS provides recycling services and roll-off dumpsters. They provide recycling services and roll-off dumpsters as well as larger tractor trailers. On request, they can supply LEED reporting.
Showman Fabricators Inc.
Showman Fabricators Inc.| 718-935-9899 |
SFI provides full take-back service for all projects it builds.  Scenery is trucked back to Showman’s warehouse and re-purposed and recycled with a minimal amount sent to landfill.
TDF Costume Collection
TDF’s Costume Collection | 212-989-5855 |
TDF’s Costume Collection will come and pick up any usable costumes or costume pieces that they then rent inexpensively primarily to non-profit theaters.
Other Helpful Resources.



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Julie’s Bicycle Case Study of PETER AND THE STARCATCHER | 
This case study looks at Donyale Werle’s award-winning set design and construction for PETER AND THE STARCATCHER.  The design team used reclaimed and recycled materials as much as possible, from a variety of interesting sources.