Date:Nov 06, 2012

The Production Committee is primarily made up of members currently working front or backstage on running shows. This committee’s active members meet monthly to oversee several of our most popular initiatives:  the Binder Project, the Green Captains program, backstage surveys, collection drives, backstage collections, and the quarterly e-newsletter, the Green Sheet.

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Better Practices


  • Beginning with the first call to the actors and staff regarding schedule and location of rehearsals, let them know that greener practices will be incorporated into the production.
  • On the first day of rehearsal, point out the ways that the production will be working to implement better green practices.
  • Offer cast and staff reusable bottles instead of disposable, plastic water bottles (branded with show logo – makes great first rehearsal gift).
  • Provide mugs to use instead of disposable cups.  Ensure that cast and staff have labels for water bottles and mugs, as well as access to natural/organic dishwashing solution.
  • Explain that recycling is mandatory and make the recycling containers easily accessible.
  • In rooms without motion sensing light switches, post notices by all light switches (especially in bathrooms) reminding people to turn off the lights when leaving a room.
  • Point out that the paperwork the company is given, if any, has been printed on either post-consumer content recycled paper or reused scrap paper – print on both sides where possible.
  • Remind colleagues, company members and outside parties that they will receive their notices by email instead of hard copies, unless requested otherwise.
  • Use tissues made with a high percentage of post-consumer recycled content in the rehearsal hall. (Go to the NRDC for a list of environmentally preferable tissue products).
  • Encourage the company to recycle their payroll envelopes – offer a place for company members to return their envelopes to company management.
  • Use power strips and turn off all computers, printers, sound systems and any other electronic equipment in rehearsal room at the end of the day.
  • Use only the air conditioning that you need for rehearsal, and make sure any A/C units are turned off at the end of the day.
  • Utilize energy-efficient CFL light bulbs wherever possible.


  • When a production moves into the performance space, remind the cast that most of the better green practices will continue in their new space.
  • Point out recycling receptacles during initial backstage tours.
  • Make sure the cast knows where their mugs and water bottles are located.
  • Ensure that cast members have labels for water bottles and mugs, as well as access to natural/organic dishwashing solution.
  • Post strategically placed reminders in dressing rooms, reminding cast members to turn off lights and electronics.


  • Keep minimum advance storage of program inserts or print inserts on an as-needed basis.
  • If you must store inserts, print 6 per page instead of 4 per page.
  • If you can print your own stuffers, compile all listings on one half-sheet page.
  • Use only 100% recycled paper, with a goal of minimum post-consumer content of 30%.
  • Print on the back of scrap paper whenever possible.
  • Use old inserts and stuffers as note pads/scratch pads.
  • Utilize both sides of the paper on spiral notebooks or legal pads.


  • Wardrobe:
    • Use eco-friendly detergents. (Go to the NRDC for a list of suppliers)
    • Wash clothes in cold water.
    • Air-dry clothes when possible.
    • Reuse old t-shirts as rags.
  • Sound:
    • Use rechargeable batteries whenever possible.
    • Recycle partially used batteries.
  • Carpentry / Props:
    • Consider environmentally-sound versions paints, glues, solvents, etc.
    • Properly dispose of hazardous liquids, such as paint, paint thinners, glues, etc.
  • Hair and Make-up:
    • Use environmentally friendly hair and makeup products and collect and recycle all containers (see backstage collections)
    • Use non-aerosol hair spray because some aerosols may still contain CFCs (which are ozone depleters) though these are being phased out.
    • Hairspray and other cosmetics may still have toxic ingredients. as Even though the ingredient list will just say “fragrance” that can still indicate the presence of things like phthalates that are used to carry the fragrance and that are suspect.
    • We recommend that you look up all products that you plan to use on the EWG Database that has tested for various chemicals.


  • Meet with the entire company to discuss the implementation of these better practices, and point out all recycling areas in the building.
  • Post reminders for the company throughout the building. See documents below for template.
  • Make a “green package” to hand out to new company members along with their welcome package and give them a list of the ways that the company is trying to reduce their carbon footprint.
  • Point out recycling centers to new company members on their tour of the theatre.


NRDC Greening Advisor
NRDC Greening Advisor |
The NRDC Greening Advisor is a guide that can help any commercial business or organization to reduce its environmental impacts.
Winzer Cleaners
Winzer Cleaners |
Winzer Cleaners is proud to have been recognized for our overall efforts toward achieving environmental sustainability in the dry cleaning industry by the GREEN CLEANERS COUNCIL, and we are also proud to have been certified by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as an ‘environmental dry cleaner’.
Julie’s Bicycle Sustainable Production Guide
Julie’s Bicycle Sustainable Production Guide |
This guide contains the most up-to-date and comprehensive guidance to help you embed good environmental sustainability practice at the heart of your production. We’ve condensed what we have learnt into a series of checklists, for each role in the production process, separated into pre-production, production, and post-production.


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