Broadway Green Alliance Materials Collections for Theatre Professionals

Broadway Green Alliance Materials Collections for Theatre Professionals


Items collected at the Broadway Green Alliance Office

Actors’ Equity Building, 165 West 46th Street, Suite 1312, NYC 10036



Recycled through the non-profit, Call2Recycle, and collected at the BGA office. Also recycled through 4th Bin and collected at the Gershwin Theatre Stage Door bin.



These are allowable in the trash. But, they can be recycled and are collected at the BGA office and recycled with 4th Bin.


All kinds and sizes (1”-2”) except large or long are accepted at this free exchange; great for readings and workshops! You can drop off or pick up as many as you need. Collected at the BGA Office and at Actors’ Equity in cabinet at 15th floor reception.


BRITA® Brigade® Collection

TerraCycle® and Brita® have partnered to create a free recycling program for Brita® pitchers, dispensers, bottles, faucet systems, all filters, and filter packaging, as well as a fundraising opportunity for participants. (Please put in TerraCycle Box.)


Cell Phones (old)

Recycled through the non-profit, Call2Recycle and collected at the BGA office. Also given to Verizon’s Help Line program.


Colgate® Oral Care Recycling Program

TerraCycle® and Colgate® have partnered to create a free recycling program for oral care product packaging.  All brands welcome. (Please put in TerraCycle Box.)



Collected and sent to Recork from box in BGA office. Made into the soles of sandals and into yoga blocks.


Electronic Waste (e-waste)

Smaller items collected at the BGA office year-round. For larger items please wait for our twice yearly drives (January and September) in Times Square.  Sign Up for our newsletter to find out about our bi-annual e-waste drives (


Eyeglasses (and sunglasses, reading glasses, empty frames, and eyeglass cases) that are in good condition are sent to New Eyes for the Needy who distributes them to charitable organizations.



Flowers (old)

For a limited time we are able to collect old flowers from your stage door and take them to Jujamcyn’s compost bin at the St. James. And we’ll take the vases too, see below.


Ipods or other music players

These go to the Broadway Alzeheimer’s iPod Drive which sends them to local nursing homes for patient’s personal music to go on them and help bring them alive through music.

Lighting gels

Many shows swap out gels or rollers twice a year regardless of condition. We can find a smaller or non-profit theater to use these. Don’t throw them away!


Personal Care and Beauty Recycling Program

TerraCycle® and Garnier® have partnered to create a free recycling program for hair care, skin care, and cosmetic product packaging.  All brands accepted.  (Please put in TerraCycle Box.)



We collect any Playbills and make them into paper flowers.


Stuffers (cast change notices for Playbill insertion)

Upcycled into scratch pads through Genie Printing by the BGA. Contact the BGA to drop off boxes of stuffers. Of course even better is to print these backstage as needed. Please see Stuffer Project for more information.


Textiles (all kinds)

Recycled by Wearable Collections. Collected at the BGA office, at Actors’ Equity–14th Floor Credit Union, and Local 764 Wardrobe Union year-round. Or bring to our twice yearly Textile Drives in Times Square. Accepted: all textiles including clothing, hats, bags, curtains, towels, etc. Even stained, torn or broken items accepted.


Reused by Repeat Roses.  Repeat Roses repurposes wedding & event flowers to deliver joy to others in the community who need it most.  The Broadway Green Alliance collects the vases for Repeat Roses to deliver smaller arrangements to hospitals and nursing homes.


Writing Instruments (old pens, markers, etc.)

Up-cycled through TerraCycle. Collected at the BGA office. Accepted: pens, mechanical pencils, markers, highlighters, permanent markers, and all related caps.


Items NOT collected at the Broadway Green Alliance Office include:

# 5 Plastic containers (Recycled at any Whole Foods or go to Preserve for more locations and information. Please note: #5 plastics are NOW accepted in NYC Residential recycling and by trash haulers) and Toner and Ink Cartridges (Take them back to your office supply store or use the manufacturer’s pre-paid return packaging.)




  • Actors’ Equity 165 W. 46 St. (Binders: 15th Floor/Textiles 14th Floor)
  • BC/EFA and BGA Office 165 W. 46 St., Suite #1300 and Suite 1312, 13th Floor

(Gershwin Theatre is at 222 W. 51 St. and the Wardrobe Union (Local 764) is at 545 West 45th St.)