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Broadway Green Alliance is launching a new blog! We will be featuring blog posts from guest writers about greener theatre initiatives both in New York and around the country. We will be starting with Stan Friedman, but would love to hear from YOU, too!


Stanford Friedman is the Head Librarian for Conde Nast, and a regular contributor to Prior to his current career, he worked a variety of theatrical odd jobs ranging from clerk at the Drama Book Shop to a roving Renaissance festival bloodletter to Special Effects Technician for the original Off-Broadway production of Little Shop of Horrors.

November 9th E-WASTE Drive!

Hello Member, Our next Textile Drive will be Wednesday, November 9, 2016 from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm in the Minskoff Theatre Breezeway, just West of Broadway between 44th and 45th streets. If you would like to have a poster for your office or theatre, you can download the poster by 
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Broadway Up-cycled

Broadway Up-cycled By Joseph Napolitano The magic of Broadway turns guitar strings into bracelets, playbills into flowers, and trash into Tony Award-winning set designs. With roots in folk art, the use of salvaged materials deliberately raises the intrinsic and monetary value of recyc
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An Oh-Yes-We-Can in Paris

An Oh-Yes-We-Can in Paris COP21 and what it means for the arts By Stan Friedman This past December, representatives of 195 nations came together in Paris to forge a landmark agreement designed to rein in global warming. The gathering, known as COP21, or, for the long winded, the 21st
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In For the Long Haul

In For the Long Haul National tours go green where the rubber meets the road. By Stan Friedman A basic tenet of New York City living is that the longer you dwell here, the less cognizant you are of the large land mass to our west known as “the rest of the country.” To an average urban
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The 1,000 Percent Solution

      The 1,000 Percent Solution When Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre learned that 95% of its carbon footprint was beyond its control, they changed the equation. By Stan Friedman The Harbourfront Centre, on Toronto’s waterfront, is a complex complex. On a sprawling
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Royal Recycling Solutions

Royal Waste, Inc., the company the services Shubert and Jujamcyn houses has sent us a video to help explain their post collection sorting system.  M&M Sanitation, who services Nederlander houses, calls it no-sort recycling but it all means the same thing: Everything you put in a t
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As Scene on TV

As Scene on TV Materials from commercials find a repurpose in life with the help of EcoSet. By Stan Friedman In 2010, Kristina Wong was putting together her one-woman show, Wong Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, an exploration of the high rate of depression among Asian American women. Knit
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In South Carolina, A Landfill Landmark by Stan Friedman

In a city named Greenville, one might expect its citizens to have a certain respect for the environment. But the team behind the Peace Center for the Performing Arts in Greenville, S.C. has taken the cause to a whole new level, becoming the first performing arts center in the country
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