Upcoming E-waste Drive

Winter Electronic Waste and Christmas Light Recycling Drive

As of January 1, 2015 it has become illegal to throw out any electronic items in New York State.

So, bring them to our recycling drive so they can be responsibly recycled with our partners, ERI.  Nearly all items of e-waste are accepted, all data will be securely wiped and all recycling is free of charge. No items too small or too big.  And this year we are accepting Christmas tree lights too! We can even site an E-cycle bin at your Broadway Theatre in the week before the drive. Email rsale@broadwaygreen.com for details.


We will accept:

Laptop and desktop computers

LCD/CRT/LED Monitors

Televisions and remotes

Computer cables, mice & keyboards

Gaming consoles

Telephones & answering machines

Stereo & audio equipment

Paper shredders and printers

Alarm clocks

Conferencing equipment



Small electronic appliances**

Electronic toys

Cell phones and accessories

** Coffee makers, toasters, can openers, etc.