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Online Resources:

Augliera Trucking
Anthony Augliera Moving, Storage, & Theatrical Transfer | | | 203-937-9080
Augliera provides ‘trash trucks’ for post-production load-outs. Materials are partially re-purposed, recycled, or land-filled. Reports are issued after trailers are unloaded, showing how items were disposed.
Aveda |
Aveda has a mission to work sustainability and they collect and recycle bottle caps.
BGAs Pinterest
BGA’s Recycled Crafts Pinterest |
Our Pinterest Board of recycling ideas, crafts, tips, and everything green. Maintained by BGA members.
Big Reuse
Big Reuse | | or  | 718-725-8925 x2 or 718-777-0132 x2 | 
Big Reuse is a non-profit retail outlet for salvaged and surplus building materials. Big Reuse’s mission is to keep these materials out of the landfill, while offering deep discounts on their resale. They accept drop-off donations seven days a week, offer free pick up services for large donations, and provide some deconstruction services.

Bulbtronics |
Bulbtronics is the premier source for lamps, LEDs, batteries and lighting-related and electrical products for the Stage/Studio, Medical/Scientific, Industrial/Commercial and Hospitality marketplaces. With over 60,000 products in 7 locations internationally and a team of highly knowledgeable sales representatives, you can rely on Bulbtronics to identify and deliver exactly what you need with a service level that exceeds expectations.
Call2Recycle |
Call2Recycle is the only free rechargeable battery and cellphone collection program in North America. Since 1996, Call2Recycle has diverted 70 million pounds of rechargeable batteries from the solid waste stream and established a network of 30,000 public recycling drop-off locations.
Clark Transfer Touring Green
Clark Transfer’s Touring Green Program |
The Touring Green initiative brings together Clark Transfer, NativeEnergy, and leading Broadway shows, orchestras, and ballet companies in a program to offset the carbon impact of moving theatrical scenery, equipment and instruments.
Con Edison
Con Edison |
Con Edison can help you achieve both economic and environmental goals by integrating energy-saving technologies with green energy resources.
Environmental Protection Agency
Environmental Protection Agency |
The Environmental Protection Agency’s  mission is to protect human health and the environment.

Filco Carting
Filco Carting | 718-456-5000 | John Okun | |
Filco is affiliated with Meserole Recycling and provides recycling services for Theater Biz Recycling. They provide recycling services and roll-off dumpsters as well as larger tractor trailers. On request, they can supply LEED reporting.
Film Biz Recycling
Film Biz Recycling | Eva Radke | | 718-392-3304  |
Having recently moved to Gowanus, FBR has a large warehouse to store items but does not come and pick them up. Materials are partially re-purposed, recycled, or rented or sold for re-use. FBR works closely with Meserole Recycling, Materials for the Arts, and NYC Wastematch to achieve highest level of re-use and re-purposing with local NYC arts organizations and schools.
Freecycle |
Freecycle is a nationwide, online community of re-users. There is a NYC chapter and a Manhattan chapter.  Things are listed and offered for free here.
Givenik is an exciting new way to get discount tickets, premium seats and group rates to Broadway, Off-Broadway shows and support your favorite charity!

Goodmart |
GoodMart features the latest energy efficient lighting and controls products, including LED light bulbs from top brands including Philips, Sylvania, TCP and others. LED lighting fixtures fromLithonia, RAB, CREE, Color Kinetics, Corelite and many others, used in conjunction with occupancy and vacancy sensors from Watt Stopper, Sensor Switch and Lutron, result in maximum energy cost savings for any commercial, industrial or residential project.

Julie’s Bicycle Sustainable Production Guide
Julie’s Bicycle Sustainable Production Guide |
This guide contains the most up-to-date and comprehensive guidance to help you embed good environmental sustainability practice at the heart of your production. We’ve condensed what we have learnt into a series of checklists, for each role in the production process, separated into pre-production, production, and post-production.
King Displays
King Displays |
King Displays specializes in working closely with design and print professionals to produce unique visual and environmental displays.
Lower East Side Ecology
Lower East Side Ecology |
Usable electronics can also be taken to the Lower East Side Ecology Center’s new Gowanus drop-off center. They also offer these items for sale and they hold many free e-waste drop-off events throughout the city.
Materials for the Arts
Materials for the Arts | 718-729-3001 | |
MFTA collects donations of usable items that are given to NYC not-for-profit arts organizations and schools. On-site warehouse space is limited, but they will list larger items on a list-serve for direct donation. MFTA is best option for props, furniture, electronics, soft goods and fabrics. They have limited trucking. Best to  drop-off at their LIC warehouse. Provides tax-deduction for all contributions.
NRDC Greening Advisor
NRDC Greening Advisor |
The NRDC Greening Advisor is a guide that can help any commercial business or organization to reduce its environmental impacts.
NYC Stuff Exchange
NYC Stuff Exchange |
The NYC Stuff Exchange is an online tool, from the Department of Sanitation’s Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling, that helps NYC residents find out where to donate, buy, or sell gently used goods in NYC. Hundreds of listings are searchable by zip code, borough, or city-wide.
NYC WasteLess
NYC WasteLess |
Your one-stop recycling, waste prevention, and composting resource for NYC residents, schools, institutions, and businesses.
NYC WasteMatch
NYC WasteMatch | 212-650-5832 | Mary Ellen McCarry | |
NYC WasteMatch locates users interested in re-use of items. Best results are dependent on some lead time on what items are available, description of items and pictures if possible. They have successfully located homes for substantial portions of sets and works closely with Theater Biz Recycling. Trucking needs to be arranged separately.
Preserve Products
Preserve Products for #5 Plastics |
Preserve® makes stylish, high performance, eco-friendly products for your home. As a company, we strive to combine socially and environmentally responsible business practices with groundbreaking design to create products that people feel good about having in their homes. We believe that choosing eco-friendly products doesn’t mean having to sacrifice quality, price, or performance.
Rebuilders Source
Rebuilders Source | 718-742-1111 | |
RS collects useable construction materials and resells to the public at greatly reduced pricing. They are an excellent option for clean construction materials, doors, windows, hardware, fixtures, cabinets, etc. They have a larger facility than BIG so have a larger capacity to take certain items. There is limited trucking so it is best to deliver to Bronx warehouse. Larger deliveries need to be cleared for space. Provides tax-deduction for all contributions.
Room to Grow
Room to Grow |
Room to Grow accepts gently-used children’s clothing, shoes, books, toys (infant-age 3) that are donated to babies born into poverty. They accept donations at their Chelsea office or you can pay (tax-deductible) for a pick-up.
Royal Waste Services
Royal Waste Services | 718-468-8679 | Michael Reali | |
RWS provides recycling services and roll-off dumpsters. They provide recycling services and roll-off dumpsters as well as larger tractor trailers. On request, they can supply LEED reporting.
Showman Fabricators
Showman Fabricators Inc.| 718-935-9899 |
SFI provides full take-back service for all projects it builds.  Scenery is trucked back to Showman’s warehouse and re-purposed and recycled with a minimal amount sent to landfill.
TDF Costume Collection
TDF’s Costume Collection | 212-989-5855 |
TDF’s Costume Collection will come and pick up any usable costumes or costume pieces that they then rent inexpensively primarily to non-profit theaters.
TerraCycle |
TerraCycle’s purpose is to eliminate the idea of waste. We do this by creating national recycling systems for previously non-recyclable or hard-to-recycle waste. Anyone can sign up for these programs, called the Brigades, and start sending us waste.
The 4th Bin
The 4th Bin |
4th Bin is the only electronic waste services company who offers convenient electronic recycling. NYC businesses and residents have come to expect the higher standard of electronic recycling that 4th Bin offers. We provide convenient door-to-door pickup services.
Wearable Collections
Wearable Collections 646-515-4387
Wearable Collections or one of our biannual textile drives is a good place for any fabric scraps, torn or stained costumes or clothing, or old t-shirts, rags, etc.  Don’t throw them out!
Wear Your Music
Wear Your Music |
Wear Your Music is a music merchandise company that strives to hit all the right notes. With a philanthropic and environmental vision, our merchandise is divided into three product categories: the Artist Bracelet project, the Rock Recycled project, and the Merch Line.
Whole Foods Market
Whole Foods Market |
We were the first major retailer to offset 100% of our energy use with wind energy credits. And we are glad to see that some of the world’s largest retailers are following the example we’ve set in green building, the use of solar power, company-wide recycling programs, internal green mission programs and support for organics. When more companies take green steps, we all win.
Winzer Cleaners
Winzer Cleaners |
Winzer Cleaners is proud to have been recognized for our overall efforts toward achieving environmental sustainability in the dry cleaning industry by the GREEN CLEANERS COUNCIL, and we are also proud to have been certified by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation as an ‘environmental dry cleaner’.
Julie’s Bicycle Case Study of PETER AND THE STARCATCHER |
This case study will look at Donyale’s award-winning set design and construction for Peter and the Starcatcher.  The design team, led by Donyale, attempted to use reclaimed and recycled materials as much as possible, from a variety of interesting sources.
London Green Theatre is Taking Action on Climate Change
London Green Theatre: Taking Action on Climate Change |
The Green Theatre Programme for London is the Mayor’s response to the overwhelming concern of the theatre sector to reduce any negative impact on the environment. This plan is for anyone working in London’s theatre industries. If all actions recommended in this plan are taken, London theatres can reduce their CO2 emissions by almost 60 per cent by 2025.
Rainforest Alliance Winning Contest Entry
Rainforest Alliance Winning Contest Entry 2012 |
The Rainforest Alliance’s “So Practical, It’s Radical” Video Contest challenged US college students to submit a video that documented what they were doing to make their campus more sustainable.


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