In-Office Collections

The BGA collects a variety of items year round for recycling, upcycling, and safe disposal. Take a look at the list of what we collect and feel free to drop your items off or contact us with any questions.


Collection Drives

The BGA’s most visible events are our four collection drives each year. For more information about our upcoming drives, visit our BGA Events page.

Two of these drives are for textiles, in which members of the community are encouraged to visit our booth in the middle of Times Square to drop off any unwanted clothing, linens, shoes, and other items, which are then recycled by Wearable Collections. These drives collect dozens of bags full of textiles. 

The other two drives are for electronic waste, in which we collect thousands of pounds of materials - like old computers, phones, and batteries - from the community to be recycled by ERI

All of the waste is collected free of charge and is given a new life instead of going straight into a landfill!